• It is most important to properly cleanse the skin, and then use products that balance, reduce infammation are antibacterial, heal and hydrate the skin if you are concenred about acne.
  • Indio cleansing mousse is a great starting point, it helps maintain the skins natural acid coat, has antimicrobial properties and will help regulate sebum levels.
acne: replenish


An instant skin lift serum that makes the skin feel firmer, plumper and hydrated. A film forming sesame protein provides instant surface firming that gently contracts on the skin’s surface, leaving a tightening effect. The hydrolyzed hibiscus esculentus extract is a natural oligopeptide and a powerful molecule capable of temporarily relaxing and smoothing facial lines. Dipalmitoyl hydroxyproline and indian lotus for skin smoothing, line reducing abilities and rejuvenation. Supported with aloe vera and squalene to soothe and restore skin barrier function the skin.

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acne: clear moisturiser 50ml

clear moisturiser 50ml

Formulated for hormonally stimulated skin issues, acne and acutely impaired skin barrier defense such that infected lesions are present. Clear Moisturiser contains an abundance of Aloe Vera & Black Cohosh, both renown for normalising, with Black Cohosh being an estrogen-mimicker. It is a light, oil free, and rich in anti-bacterial, anti-inflamatory soothing properties. Also great as an aftershave balm due to it’s calming properties.

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acne: clear quick draw 50ml

clear quick draw 50ml

A unique calming, soothing, decongesting gel. The combination of Aloe Vera, Glycerin and Mallow, mobilise congestion by drawing moisture to the skin, altering the circulation, negating swelling especially around the hair follicle and assisting the release of oils and spent cells. The anti-oxidant, anti-fungal, yeast and bacteria properties of Lichen & Honeysuckle help to mitigate and prevent infection. This product also has an alkaline ph to rebalance the skin.

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acne: face lift 50ml

face lift 50ml

This kaolin clay based mask is infused with active tingling concentrations of Vitamin A, Vitamin C and lemon juice instantly lifting, brightening, and energizing the skin to leave it looking and feeling fresh and firm. The highly effective combination of green tea, Vitamin B5, Retinyl Palmitate offer superior results. A great mask for the treatment of blemished skin and an essential component of any anti-aging skin routine.

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acne: facial scrub 50ml

facial scrub 50ml

Designed to smooth and assist skin regeneration by an exfoliating treatment. Enriched with natural sea minerals and potent anti-oxidants, this skin refining system targets all skin types, especially dull or mature oily skin, boosting energy and promoting skin renewal while leaving the skin smooth and fresh.

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acne: multi-v serum 30ml

multi-v serum 30ml

A comprehensive supplement formulated to address deficiencies that lead to compromised skin barrier defense, congestion and impaired inter cellular activity. For youthfull skins this is the ultimate booster and for depleted skins the ideal starting point. Multi v contains vitamin A, vitamin F (rich in omega 3&6 constituents) and biotin (vitamin B7) a synthesizer of essential fatty acids, plus multiple anti-inflamatory, anti-oxidants and anti-bacterial ingredients. Add the fennel & yarrow to assist with oil flow regulation, and mimosa bark and sweet almond oil provide essential trace element and nutrients for skin regeneration.

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acne: cleansing mousse 120ml

cleansing mousse 120ml

A mild soft cleansing mousse that is especially formulated for skin with an impaired skin barrier defense, displaying signs of redness, oil, bacteria, and lesions. The water soluble amino-acid glycine with the oil soluble undecylenic acid, balances and purifies the skin’s condition.

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acne: anti-rose a.m.30ml

anti-rose a.m.30ml

A calming and soothing serum formulated to rescue skin with diffuse redness, acute sensitivities, dilated visible capillaries and/or compromised skin barrier defense. These are symptoms associated with skins suffering essential fatty acids deficiencies and oxidative stress. Contained in anti-rose is an abundance of phospholipids and sphingolipids providing the ultimate rescue package to reconstitute the natural lipid layer of the epidermis and skin barrier defenses. Mixed with sodium hyaluronate and gluconolactone as intense hydrators and rich in natural herbal extracts (aloe vera, chamomile, horsetail extract, sage, rosemary, nettle, balm mint, hops, green tea) renown for their powerful anti-oxidant, anti- bacterial, anti-inflammatory traits, skin nourishing and strengthening properties.

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acne: renew cream 50ml

renew cream 50ml

A remarkable formula designed to address skin density degeneration. Polypeptides are the key to skin renewal as they signal for collagen production. AHA’s dissolve spent bonds to aid cell turnover whilst facilitating the bodies hydrating mechanisms. Renew cream contains naturally occurring polypeptides (indian lotus & hibiscus esculentus) and the designer polypeptide Matrixyl. Uniquely blended with AHA’s, (glycolic & latic acids), Squalane and niacinamide (vitamin B3) to produce a powerful anti-ageing, skin rejuvenating product.

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acne: skin tonic

skin tonic

Indio skin tonic is an essential component of every skin care routine. A light naturally preserved toner to refresh, tone and enrich the skin with moisture binding minerals. Its blend of botanical plant extracts such as aloe leaf juice and witch hazel, soothe and nourish, making it gentle enough for all skin types.

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